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Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts at Light Box at Goldman Warehouse

More than halfway through his set, the noise connoisseur known as Reggie Watts invited the audience to “come on a journey” with him; However, the audience had already engaged themselves from the moment Watts and his wild mane took center stage. The offbeat flavor of his popular YouTube videos bled through in his live set, which took place at the Miami Light Project “the Light Box” at Goldman Warehouse on Friday night.  He mixed a myriad of beats and sound effects, occasional stand up, and improvised musical numbers that showcased the comedian’s raw talent.

A lack of talent has never been Watts’ problem. He was trained in piano and violin since he was 5 years old. When he plays a loving ode to a couple in the corner seats, his boisterous voice has great dynamic range.

Watts has quirky observational humor. Ironically, he says that Miami needs more cruise ships, almost like a cruise train leaving port all the time, and how Miami is lacking in their amount of modified sports cars that really aren’t sports cars. He spoke like the stereotypical gasbag regarding sports and how our “Panthers” were going to go all the way this year with our staunch defense.

Watts offers music as a first course, and the audience reacts with universal satisfaction. It’s not only his non-sensical lyrics that are sung like that of a 90s R&B singer that make it comical, but also the music is not a half-assed aesthetic – it is the foundation of his show. It’s all based on his creative vocal effects, which he layers one upon the other to create a grooving beat complete with a bass line. This is usually accompanied with him either rapping or singing about empanadas, leche and “pollo, mutha fuckas!” and the topped with disjointed dancing that trigger all the comedic senses.

It feels like he entertains the same whether it’s for a crowd of 150+ or 15. Reggie Watts is always authentic. As per his modus operandi, he improvised his final song about Miami, but his biggest laugh of the night came when he referenced a young man walking from his chair going to “take a shit.” Sure enough, another patron left their seat and gave extra fodder to his song about going to the bathroom.

Reggie Watts gave a truly entertaining, uproariously funny performance.

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